These classes are for ladies

who love to dance while combining

exercises with dance movements





                        A NIFTY FIFTY OR OLDER 


                    AGE IS JUST AN NUMBER



Every 6 weeks there is a new routine for you to learn while having fun trying to master the steps.


It is important that you must always work to your own level of fitness and never try to keep up with everyone else. Never push yourself to do anything which is painful or out of your comfort zone because an alternative movement will always be offered to you if you let me know.


All exercises are done standing as we never go down onto the floor.  All my classes are very friendly, we like to have a laugh and a giggle while not taking ourselves too serious but serious enough to keep exercising while having fun.


There are not many classes that actually cater for our age group as it seems once you have reached forty plus you are usually dismissed as being OVER THE HILL and some how appear invisible to the rest of the world, well certainly not in my Dancercise classes.

So come along ladies, lets show everyone how we can still shake our little butts off - ha ha!!!!


 Loose fitting clothing and trainers must be worn.


With regards to payment there is no joining fee or membership fee, you only pay when you attend class so if your off ill or away on holiday you will not lose any money -


Classes are in Atherton Manchester & Aspull Wigan.



 I also offer as an option FREE OF CHARGE the opportunity to be weighed and to discuss any concerns you have regarding your weight and eating healthy.