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I would highly recommend Lyn as a teacher of Tai Chi.
She explains things slowly and goes through each section so we can easily understand.
If there is anything that we do not understand then she will repeat until we are happy. Her patience is very good and nothing is too much trouble.
It is also at a pace that every level of student can follow and she has a good way of teaching that encourages all of her students. That's why we keep coming back to improve our standards.

I really look forward to my weekly Tai Chi class.
Lyn is a thorough and patient teacher, happy to revise areas we need to practise and encouraging us with helpful feedback.
Since I completed the Diabetes programme I have practised it daily, alongside the current programme. (I have Type 2 Diabetes.) I have had a marvellous improvement with my cholesterol recently which I can only credit to the Diabetes programme, as this is the only change I have made since my last health check. The people in our group support and encourage each other, which creates a warm and friendly atmosphere. As Lyn often says, "It's not a competition." It's all about health.Gwynneth, ASPULL TAI CHI


Hi Lyn, really enjoying the Monday tai chi in Horwich. I'm sure my balance is better when dressing on one leg. I think the breathing is a great calming tool too. Looking forward to many more classes.Joyce Horwich Tai Chi


Since joining Lyn’s warm and friendly seated classes 12 months ago, I have found it to be most beneficial. I have lived with M.S. for 40 years and found the seated Tai Chi has strengthened my upper body muscles as well as strengthening my core; the controlled breathing techniques have helped lower my blood pressure as well. It also helps to correct my posture with the damaged caused by my M.S. and the inevitable aging process.  Many thanks Lyn,



One of my hobbies is walking in the countryside but my enjoyment was being spoilt by knee pain. However, since I started Tai Chi this has improved considerably and I can enjoy it once again.John Harrison.  ATHERTON TAI CHI`


Seat tai chi  exercise class really enjoy coming to the class with lyn and find her instructions clear the movements beneficial and the music so relaxing.

Thanks from lois, lorraine and joyce  WESTHOUGHTON SEATED TAI CHI


It is a pleasure to attend the classes, they are informal, health promoting, friendly, relaxing, it is a peaceful part of Thursday with calming music. The movements are easily developed and can be used each day at home. Lyn is an excellent, patient teacher, who is clearly passionate about the whole area of positive health promotion. The class is a mix of people of all ages and styles, I would recommend enrolment to all. Sue Bromley PRESTOLEE TAI CHI

Hello Lyn Thank you for your update. Can’t believe it is that time of year again. I just want to say that your classes are great not only to meet others but the actual exercises are well thought out for the ‘older’ limbs and mind. The beauty of it is that I don’t feel under pressure to do the activities I know don’t suit my body. However I think you send out a positive message when you tell us to pace ourselves but there is a hidden message I think, that it is worth giving it a try. I know that I feel the benefits after the exercise.  Look forward to restarting in January 2016.I would like to know how you keep so positive! Imelda ATHERTON DANCERCISE

Following our chat on Tuesday, although I don't want to go on too much about my back I do have trapped nerves in the base of my spine which affect me from my lower back to my ankles in both legs (like having permanent cramp).  Normally relieved by pain-killers (which I am reluctant to take on a regular basis.)  However, I do  floor exercises every morning, followed by a session of Tai Chi.  I have recently extended my Tai Chi session which I am sure is helping to relieve my pain, as I definitely have less pain and walking better after the session.
I do seem to be having more problems with my balance but am taking your advice and adjusting some of the moves to suit my body.
Thank you for all you do to make the lessons interesting and informative. Maureen ATHERTON TAI CHI


I have been attending the Tai Chi sessions at Prestolee for nearly 2 years.  The group is extremely friendly and I look forward to meeting up with everyone each week.  I find the programmes very relaxing to do and Linda explains and demonstrates the moves extremely well, always happy to repeat anything that people are unsure about.  For a number of years I have suffered with an arthritic knee and have found that since taking part in Tai Chi any discomfort has been reduced.  I would certainly recommend these sessions.S.F.  PRESTOLEE TAI CHI


Although so far I have only attended 3 Tai Chi classes I have really enjoyed them. I have found your instruction very clear and the fact that you go over it so many times during the lesson helps me to remember the steps. The atmosphere in the classes is one of fun which it is all about!  It all seems a bit of a blur at the moment but with your precise teaching I aim to be as good as you one day.  I look forward to the next session. Sandra Shadbolt. ASPULL TAI CHI


If you like dancing, good music and great exercise routines then you will LOVE lyn’s Dancercise classes – a great way to keep fit and have FUN. Eileen APSULL DANCERCISE

Leave your worries and stress at home when you do Tai Chi with Lyn. Focus on what you need to do with your legs and arms and your cares won’t get a look in! An hour at Tai Chi is great for your body AND your mind.   Shelagh P. WESTHOUGTHON TAI CHI

Hi linda. Just to let you know that I am doing my tia chi every day here in Tenerife, getting some strange looks from passers by but hey who cares. We wish all your students a wonderful Christmas and a happy peaceful New Year. See you all in 2016.  DOREEN HIGSON PRESTOLEE TAI CHI


Thank you Lyn for making my Tai chi sessions such a pleasure as I enjoy attending both the seated and standing  classes. At last I feel that I am making progress and great at remembering the moves, although perhaps not in the right order as I try very hard not to look at you or the other people in the room while performing the routine, and I really love this Osteoporosis program. In my opinion you are very patient and an excellent teacher and thank you for your support over the years. 



Lyn, I would like to express my admiration to you as a Tai Chi teacher. I am in my early seventies and have never been a particularly strong, even as a child. I was diagnosed with M.E. in my early sixties and maybe this has contributed to my lack of strength and energy. Coming to your seated class has changed my life by giving me increased muscle and body strength; thus making my everyday life easier. Thank you `





Thanks Lyn for a great day ! I never thought we'd get through the 24 Forms - but we did and however imperfectly I did, I'm so proud that I managed it ! 

Thanks  Janine  ASPULL TAI CHI


We  ought to be thanking you for a very  enjoyable day. I think we all did very well but could not manage without our leader! Looking forward to seeing the video and having a laugh.Mary WESTHOUGHTON TAI CHI


Dear Lyn, Thanks for your congratulations and comments,  I really enjoyed the day.  You put a lot into it yourself so well done to you.   Love Joan. ATHERTON TAI CHI


Thank you for being such a patient teacher. I enjoyed it very much. Bottoms up (not literally!)


Although i did not continue to the end i enjoyed the morning as I would love to have continued with the class to practice the whole form. I did better than i expected considering my back problems. Its always good to learn more and to push our comfort zones.As i will be away from class for 6 months i hope to practice the 24 form. I have a good incentive as the weather is warm and my daughter has a house now rather than an apartment. With a lovely garden so no excuse to not practice. I will miss the weekly sessions as we always need to remember and improve each week.
I think you give us all the enthusiasm to do well and not give up, that’s why we turn up each week. That proves you are a good and patient teacher.
Thanks Margaret. ATHERTON TAI CHI


Thank you for Saturday. I was a bit rusty, so hope it did not spoil the video. Great to see you, Steve and Bev. It was a good group and fabulous day.  Back to Portugal now but will keep in touch.   

Best wishes Jean (Sharman) ASPULL TAI CHI


Thank YOU very much. I've wanted to learn the 24 Form properly for ages. I had a practise when I got home and with a slight couch move I have room. Thanks to your husband too giving his day up to provide much needed support mmmm biscuits.

I'm looking forward to the refresher sessions just to check I'm doing it correctly. 

Many thanks again   Bev.  ASPULL TAI CHI


Lyn is an excellent teacher being clear in her instructions and demonstration of Tai Chi (a little at a time) which makes it extremely easy to follow.  Lyn has a lovely sense of humour which puts everyone at their ease.  It is great to have fun sessions whilst knowing that they are beneficial to health.  Sheila Carter ATHERTON TAI CHI



Been to my dancercise class this morning. I joined just before Christmas . Absolutely love it. I am new to the area and went along on my own. Nice class, very welcoming , So glad i found this class . Its got me moving again . Feeling so much better in myself . Lyns Fab . Love it . She has classes for everyone whatever your fitness level. Check her out 



Hi Lyn,
I would like to say a BIG thank you for making our classes at Shevington enjoyable and for the patience required in teaching for our Demonstration Piece which we used on Sat 30th April 2016 at World Tai Chi Day.
It was my first WTCDay,(and can understand your nervousness) the whole day was a good experience and having performed our demo felt very satisfied considering we had not practiced as a group and look forward to performing again next year (so no pressure) haha.
Both Jean and myself enjoyed the excellent demonstrations by the other groups and feel the comments from the organiser regarding our circles fully deserved.
Tai Chi has helped me slow down, improve my breathing,fitness and memory and would recommend your classes and the whole Tai Chi experience to anyone.
Thank you Arthur Ball. - SHEVINGTON CLASS



"This was carried out professionally in every way. I felt comfortable and calm and the gentle massage was very soothing. It relaxed me enormously and afterwards I had a great sense of wellbeing. I can confidently recommend this beneficial treatment."


I have enjoyed the Tai chi classes this year. The lessons are excellent and I know I am among friends. Thank you for your teaching and support this year. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a good New Year. I will endeavour to bring cake to the first class in 2017!

Best Wishes,

Gwynneth Threlfall - ASPULL CLASS
Hi Lyn Just to say thanks for organising the Christmas meal on Monday , everything was great. Best wishes to you and yours this Christmas and New Year.
I'll see you in January as starting to learn Tai Chi has ben the best thing I've done this year. Merry Christmas 
Lesley (Tues group).
Holistic Treatment
Thank you Lyn for my massage today, it was fabulous! You made me feel very comfortable and welcome in your home. Your complimentary bag was such a lovely surprise and I'm so relaxed tonight after drinking the tea! 
Would thoroughly recommend Lyn and if you have booked this half price offer then you won't be disappointed - AMANDA P


I had the Indian head massage, it was so relaxing, i didnt want the hour to end. I would recommend lyn to everyone she is a lovely lady and made me feel very welcome in her home. Cant wait to have another treatment.
Thankyou Lyn xx TRACEY A


I attend the Horwich Tai Chi class. I am 67, walk with the help of crutches and have severe spinal problems for which I am awaiting an operation in the new year. I have been learning Tai Chi for one year now with Lyn and I can honestly say it has helped me with my balance and pain control. Lyn is a lovely lady, very patient and humorous and learning with her has been a pleasure. Whilst the next sessions in January have been labelled "diabetes" you do not have this illness as all the Tai Chi lessons for health are just that and suitable for anyone. - PAM L - HORWICH CLASS

I have been doing this class with Lyn for over 2 years now and feel so much better, really enjoy the different classes and routines we follow.  I enjoy getting out to class, meeting people and having a good laugh, it all helps. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and have found this type of exercise very good. Has helped with strength, balance and mind, remembering the programmes, even doing them in my mind when I can't sleep! Lyn is very patient, even when we struggle to do the moves or remember the order of moves.I would recommend her classes. MARY C - HORWICH & ASPULL
Me too Mary C,just enjoy having an hour to myself and hopefully getting a bit fitter too. BARBRA S
Hi Lyn, just wanted to update you, when I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in November 2016 I was rushed
into hospital with a  Hba1C reading of 110 , I had it tested again yesterday March 2017 and my reading is 43
which is fantastic ,as anything under 48 shows good glycemic control.  Also my insulin has halved since
coming home.  My  diabetic specialist nurse thinks my Pancreas could have restarted to work ,but also I believe
the Tai Chi and healthy eating and exercise which I have always done ,have helped.  I cannot believe how
powerful Tai Chi is, I feel so chilled afterwards . Thank you so much for the wonderful classes, I tell all my
clients about your classes how amazing they are, both Graeme & I are enjoying them.
 Melissa & Graeme H.- HORWICH CLASS
Good Afternoon Lynn 
 Just a quick note to thank you for organising the Meditation evening.
It certainly was an “experience” for me – I had not expected the wondrous
tones and music  from the harp and gongs.
Truly magical – Rene said I went to sleep because my breathing changed –
I did not want to move when the end came.
Plus I had quite surreal dreams on Friday night!
 Thank you Love, Carol W x ATHERTON CLASS
lyn, just to THANK YOU for a lovely evening on Friday and for all the hard work you and husband went to making the room so beautiful and atmospheric. As one who practices MEDITATION, I get so much from it and it was one of the best I've been to. 
Thanks Margaret R. ASPULL CLASS
Hi Lyn
I get a magazine delivered called Lifespan.  In the Winter edition it has the following write up:
"43% .. that's by how much Tai chi - aka moving meditation - reduced the rate of falls in a recent Spanish overview of studies.  It also lowered the rate of injury-related fals by around 50 per cent.
The ancient Chinese martial art helps boost flexibility, balance and general body awareness."
It then goes on to advise people to check out what's on offer at local gyms etc.
Thought you might be interested.
Hey Thanks Maureen, yes that is correct, Tai Chi is # 1 in the world for the prevention of falls
Hi Lyn,
Just a note to thank you for the great Christmas party yesterday. I had a lovely time with great company,
good food and a very funny cabaret with lots of dancing.
Hope you have a good Christmas and I'll see you in the new year..
Love Pam
Hi Lyn
 Thanks so much for organising another very enjoyable Christmas “do”.
We had such a good time – the food was excellent, the entertainment great fun
and as usual your energy brought the event alive.
Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year – see you on the 9th.
 Love Carol W xx
Hi Lyn,Sorry we didn't get to say goodbye unfortunately our taxi arrived & you were having such a good time on the
dance floor it was a shame to disturb you.
so on behalf of Ruth & myself I want to say thank you for a very enjoyable afternoon good food & wine, good company &
excellent entertainment can't wait for the next one.
Thank you once more
Best Wishes for Christmas & The New Year
Love Margaret & Ruth xx
Hi Lynn,  George an d myself just wanted to thank you for yesterday, what a fabulous afternoon. You worked so hard.
Everything about the afternoon was great, from the meal to the artist. Best afternoon we have had for a long time.
Once again Thank you.xx
Hi Lyn
Thanks for a lovely afternoon yesterday. It was really good and everyone seems to have enjoyed it. You must be
exhausted as I know it must have been a huge event to organise.
Have a great Christmas and see you in the New Year.  Brenda X

Feedback from children was form a Year 5 pupil who said 'I felt so relaxed after taking part in then Tai Chi that

I've tried to remember the moves and do them at home. It's great because it really works!'


The feedback from staff can be summarised as 'What an amazing activity to round off our Wellness Week.

The children picked up the movements very easily and now want more sessions in school. They were

wonderfully led, captured the children's attention quickly and maintained their focus for the session's

duration. Thank You Lyn


Kind Regards
Simon Charnock
St Andrew's CEP School
Crescent Avenue
Over Hulton
01204 332606
I booked a foot reflexology treatment with Lyn, it was excellent.  The setting 
was very relaxing, temperature just right, I was made to feel incredibly comfortable - in 
fact so relaxed I fell asleep during the treatment.  Don’t confuse cost with value, the 
treatment was better than I’ve had in high street salons.
Ann - Tai Chi member

Hi Lyn

Huge congratulations on your nomination for the Inspire Women Awards - richly deserved! 

Carole - Westhoughton Tai chi 


Lyn Many congratulations on being nominated -  justly deserved,  and I love following you with your tai chi moves.

Yolande - Shevington Tai Chi


Wednesday would not be the same without your Tai Chi class. We really do feel the benefit of the class and I am sure it is helping my osteoporosis.

Many thanks

Eileen and Peter Aspull Tai Chi